Monday, 14 December 2015

The Accidental Pug

Creating a face for Lolita has proved quite challenging; whilst the prototype for her was easy and only took a couple of hours to sculpt, I fear I may have been overthinking the sculpture process whilst trying to create new sculpts. I started by sculpting another, more basic base onto an MDF circle to sculpt a head onto. It was then vacuum formed and sculpted on.

However... After finishing this sculpt, before vacuum forming it became clear that I'd made a mistake with my sizing. I had made the sculpting base the same size as the head plate it would go on - 16cm - so after sculpting the face on top of it, it was too large to sit on the plate properly, and would overlap; especially once it had the 2 or 3mm extra from the vacuum formed plastic over the top of that. It was disappointing that I'd only realised this after sculpting an almost finished, cheeky expression. The next step was to take the eye semi-spheres out and start over on a new, appropriately sized base.

The new base has a lip of around 8mm, allowing room to sculpt properly without making the face too large for the plate. I was also happier with this sculpt - to me, the last sculpt looked a little too intensely mischievous; it felt more logical to start with a more neutral expression and build other expressions from there.

Then this happened. In my naivety, I hadn't put anything underneath the 1mm thick sculpting base, so when the vacuum suction was put on in the vacuum former, it gave way underneath and completely distorted the shape of the face beyond repair. I should have filled the back of the base with something like plaster or more clay, or at least put some sort of wooden form or shape underneath to stop it from collapsing in the middle. This accident cast has a certain pug-like look to it which is actually kind of cute and grumpy, but it's no good for Lolita. This mis-case has earned the name of Moon Face, and whilst it won't be a plate used for Lolita, I will be keeping it as a reminder to always support the back of a plastic sculpt base!

Monday, 7 December 2015

The Handyman

I decided to consider the specific designs of the puppets' hands today. Following a sketch I did - which will soon be uploaded as a finished piece of concept art - I found a smooth, rounded look to the lower arms fitted in well with the round, simple face shapes in my work.

Humbert's hand is long, his bird-like fingers pointed to scratch at the tender flesh of his beloved, and his fingertips blackened by the darkness of his desired touch. His hands will be big enough to reach fully across parts of Lolita's body, touching on the way he overpowers her, mind and soul. Lolita, however, will be a peachy opposite; short, stumpy fingers remind one of a soft rabbit's paws, reflecting her physiognomic origins. Her nails are short and white, embroidered petals echoed across the rest of her body. Her knuckles are barely visible, suggested only through tender blushing; her hands are entirely unthreatening and entirely child-like, forgetting the puberty her torso carefully approaches.